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Recourse or religious revival in social work?



Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 9:00am to 10:00am


Murrary Fraser - 162

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Since decade and after a period of reassurance of the religious conflicts, our society knows again identical tensions which take place in demands of religious memberships fed by a sensitive international context where the ethnic and religious conflicts double the socioeconomic conflicts or territory.

The social workers are exposed to the expression of these tensions in two ways: on one  hand through the people whom they take care of and who can express religious values and on the other hand within institutions and teams of social work where the religious question and the diversity of the practices of the “laïcité” make debate just when this question seemed to have been solved thanks to the laws of separation of Churches and the State (1905) and to the slow but inevitable French process of secularization of the society, one the least religious in the world.

At first the paper will describe the French religious scene, the progressive shift from culture to religion as well as the social practices of the religious argument to assert the social demands of the populations who, abandoned by public policies, assigned to ungrateful functions, goes to more traditional identities as the nation, the territory or the religion.

Secondly, and from anthropological researches, we will present the typology of the situations we have observed in the social work field and the way social workers approach  the secularism and the religious facts in the exercise of their work

Speaker: Daniel Verba, French sociologist at Université Paris 13 and researcher at IRIS.

With financial support from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences International Keynote Speaker Support Fund.