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Conference of the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies (CSRS)



Saturday, May 28, 2016 to Monday, May 30, 2016


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About the conference

The Renaissance conference at Congress gathers scholars from many disciplines and organizes events in collaboration with other societies: it is a unique opportunity to enter a conversation with disciplines other than your own around texts, objects, works of art, and events that pertain to the Renaissance. Conceived as a "Renaissance" colloquium, the many sessions and papers combine expertises on different fields with the new perspectives opened by interdisciplinary meetings.

One of our themes will be "Private and Public", a burning question for our contemporary multi-cultural society but also for minorities of the past socities. The diversity of themes, though, is our pride: music, art, literature, travel are part of the proposed sessions.


Featured speakers

Patricia Demers, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of English at the University of Alberta, will deliver a plenary adress on "devotio femina: Early Modern Partisans of Virtue and Religion", where she will show how private godliness and public morality could be feminine concerns, how an energetic retreat from the world could also stimulate group activity and political radicalism. May 29th. 

Massimo Ciavollela, Franklin D. Murphy Chair in Italian Renaissance Studies and Director of the UCLA Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, will talk about melancholy, love and lovesickness for a large audience (four learned societies interested in Medieval and Early Modern thought, literature, book culture, and art, as well as the general public). May 30th.

Featured events

A round table, coorganized with the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities and the Canadian Society of  Medievalists, will explore humanist networks and their communities:  May 30th, 12 – 2 pm

Digital Networks and Communities: Current Issues and Responses / Réseaux numériques et communautés: questions et réponses 

  • William R. Bowen, University of Toronto Scarborough (moderator)
  • Hélène Cazes, University of Victoria
  • Constance Crompton, University of British Columbia
  • Diane Jakacki, Bucknell University
  • Brent Nelson, University of Saskatchewan
  • Raymond G. Siemens, University of Victoria
  • David Watt, University of Manitoba 

All are invited to this noon event, where refreshments will sustain panelists and participants. The round-table will be held in English, questions in French will be accepted and translated.


Only those people who are registered for Congress 2016 and have added the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies (CSRS, #51) to their Congress registration may attend this conference. Please note that conference registration fees are separate from the association's membership fees.

About the association

For more information about membership or this conference, please contact the association directly at the contacts listed below.

  • Program Chair: Michael Ullyot, University of Calgary
  • Local Arrangement Coordinator: James Ellis, University of Calgary
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