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Conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE)



Saturday, May 28, 2016 to Tuesday, May 31, 2016


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About the conference

The Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education promotes comprehensive partnerships and programs to advance research of exemplary quality in and on postsecondary education in Canada. We provide a community of support and service to scholars, administrators, postsecondary staff, and students. 


Featured speakers

This year's conference will feature keynote presentations by:

Linda Hawkins, Director and Co-Founder of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute and the Research Shop at the University of Guelph, which seeks to build capacity for engagement among community, faculty and students. This speaker has extensive experience designing and facilitating community-university partnerships built around community research needs, and works to change processes within the academy for CES as well as support partnership with community, as part of the leadership team for a collaboration of 8 Canadian universities and CCPH on addressing CES reward and development within institutions, and as part of Research Impact. She was previously executive director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Families, Work and Well-being, a highly successful centre attracting partnership projects including 2 community-university research alliances focusing on issues around gender work and care (father involvement and rural women's livelihoods).

Dr. Inger Mewburn, Director of Research Training at Australian National University, has worked at great length to foster an online community for graduate students in which she actively engages with students worldwide. She has over 23,000 followers on Twitter, and is a prominent tweeter in the #survivephd, #acwri, and #phdchat hashtags. She is the founder and managing editor of The Thesis Whisperer, a newspaper-style blog aimed at supporting research students. The website has had 4.3 million hits in the last five years and has 60,000 followers on email and social media. Recently, Dr. Mewburn led a new, free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “How to Survive Your PhD”, where 13,000 people enrolled and discussed the role of emotions (such as confidence, frustration, loneliness, fear, curiosity, confusion) in PhD students’ lives.

Dr. Scott L. Thomas is professor and dean of the School of Educational Studies at Claremont Graduate University, located east of Los Angeles, California. His research examines issues related to policies informing access to and success in higher education. He is the president-elect of the 2,000+ member Association for the Study of Higher Education the primary academic organization for higher education scholars in the United States. He co-edits (with Oxford University’s David Palfreyman and Ted Tapper) the now 24 volume series International Studies in Higher Education and serves as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Higher Education. 

Featured events

On May 28, CSSHE, in partnership with CSSE, we will offer a graduate student pre conference focused on supporting graduate student success. The keynote speaker is Dr. Inger Mewburn, Director of Research Training at Australian National University, managing editor and founder of the blog, The Thesis Whisperer.

CSSHE is also working with the Centre for Community-Engaged Learning at the University of Calgary to sponsor a food drive for the student food bank. Food insecurity is a growing problem for Canadian university students, this drive embodies the focus of this year's conference by providing a tangible way to "Energize Community". In addition to a food drive, CSSHE is working with the Centre for Community-Engaged Learning to host a service learning activity to provide an opportunity for those who are interested in learning more about Calgary and its most vulnerable citizens. 


Only those people who are registered for Congress 2016 and have added the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (CSSHE, #16) to their Congress registration may attend this conference. Please note that conference registration fees are separate from the association's membership fees.

About the association

For more information about membership or this conference, please contact the association directly at the contacts listed below.

  • Program Chair: Michelle Nilson, Simon Fraser University & Kathleen Moore, OISE/University of Toronto
  • Local Arrangement Coordinator: Miranda MacCallum, University of Calgary
  • Association website: