Past Big Thinking speaker now "Immortal"

Jessica Clark, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

On December 12th, everyone here at the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences was very excited to learn that Dany Laferrière had been named to the Académie française. He is the first Canadian to join this illustrious group, whose members are known as the "Immortals."

I was especially thrilled to hear this news. It was my good fortune to have worked with Mr. Laferrière in the lead up to Congress 2013 at the University of Victoria, where he gave a lecture as part of the Federation's Big Thinking series. His lecture was titled Je vis comme j'écris (I write as I live, in English). It was the only Big Thinking...


Ideas can… build relationships

Eleanor Fast, Director of Policy and Programming, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Federation’s Programming team is delighted to announce that Genome Canada will be coming to Congress 2014 with an exciting interdisciplinary event on the topic of Feeding the Future

As part of Genome Canada’s series GPS: Where Genomics, Public Policy and Society Meet , the session will facilitate a dialogue between researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders interested in GE3LS (Genomics and its Ethical, Economic, Environmental, Legal and Social aspects), science policy and genomic-based innovations.  The event will take place on the morning of Wednesday, May 28th. Further details coming soon on the Congress website...


Eyes High: Congress 2016 at the University of Calgary

Jean-Marc Mangin, Executive Director
Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences announced last Friday at the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) annual meeting in Banff that the University of Calgary has been awarded Congress 2016.  The announcement was warmly welcomed by a national audience of over 150 RSC fellows. 

The announcement came after a yearlong process which saw the Federation receiving and reviewing strong bids from across the country. The University of Calgary presented a bid that offered the full package -- a vision for Congress that will...


SSHRC’s “Research for a Better Life: the Storytellers” contest is back!

Why is it important to support social sciences and humanities research? What issues are being studied, and how do they affect our lives?  Why does it matter?

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) recently launched the second edition of Research for a Better Life: the Storytellers, a competition aimed at highlighting the tangible results and practical applications of research in the humanities and social sciences. The contest, which opened on November 1st and runs until January 15th, was developed by SSHRC to get people excited about research, encourage young scholars, and investigate ways of connecting researchers with broader audiences....


New Congress hashtag


The 2013 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences was a huge success in terms of online engagement between attendees, the Federation, and our hosts at the University of Victoria. One of our key social media platforms was Twitter, and the #congress2013 hashtag became a valuable place to connect, share information, and discuss the ideas so abundant during the week. From June 1-8 we measured 7,600 tweets using #congress2013, and about 1,600 of those took place in just one day!

To visit #congress2013 now, however, is a different story. Currently, and even during Congress, the feed is also occupied by tweets about different events that use the same hashtag, as well as angry rants about US politics. The same applies for #congress2012, and every future Congress if we were to continue using this format. All these other...